Universal Housing

Universal Housing is the future of architecture, it redefines the way we think about living spaces. It is a shift in design philosophy that seamlessly accommodates people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. From wheelchair-accessible pathways to intuitive interiors that cater to diverse lifestyles, Universal Housing is a testament to the art of designing for everyone.

Universal Housing Evolves into an Anticipation of Limitless Opportunities

For individuals with physical disabilities, Universal Housing becomes an expectation of possibilities. It's more than ramps and widened doorways; thoughtful design elements ensure every corner is accessible and welcoming, fostering a sense of belonging that defies limitations. Universal Housing not only acknowledges but celebrates the strength, resilience, and unique perspectives of every individual. The idea of Universal housing or “barrier free” design is to allow everyone regardless of any type of handicap or disability complete and effective access to the space they are in.


Ease of Access

Access into and within the house is essential.

  • Site grading and sidewalks should be sloped appropriately
  • Stepless entry into the residence.
  • The design layout should avoid changes in floor height
  • Wider hallways
  • Wider entry doorways
  • Space for wheelchair turnaround
  • Open floor plan

Adaptable Kitchen

The kitchen, with all its complexities, is one of hardest spaces to achieve complete barrier free access, but there several simple design ideas that can be incorporated to achieve a true universal design.

  • Multi-tiered counter tops & adjustable height countertops
  • Contrasting colors and sufficient lighting
  • Open shelving
  • Adaptable cabinetry
  • Lowered sinks
  • Touchless controls & voice activated
  • Lever-style handles
  • Accessible appliances
  • Emergency call systems
  • Lower light switches and electrical outlets to a height that is easily reachable

Adaptable Bathroom

The bathroom may seem to be a simple space within your house, but it is the most used and important room of your residence. The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to barrier-free design.

  • Wider entry door
  • Layout should accommodate a 5 foot turnaround
  • Providing blocking within the walls for future installation of grab bars
  • The flooring should be slip resistant
  • Adaptable cabinetry
  • Walk-in tubs
  • A Curb-less shower
  • Offset shower and/or tub controls to the room side of the bathroom
  • Multiple shower heads
  • Built-in benches within the shower
  • Storage niches or shelving

Smart Controls

In a world where technology seamlessly interacts with daily existence, smart controls emerge as a source of strength and confidence for individuals with disabilities. These ingenious solutions are not just about convenience; they represent a new way of thinking in how we approach accessibility and inclusivity.

  • Lights can be dimmed or brightened with your voice
  • Blinds can be drawn effortlessly
  • Household appliances can be operated remotely.
  • Allow users to adjust the temperature of their home using voice commands
  • Provide keyless entry options and integration with home security systems
  • Voice-controlled smart appliances
  • Touchless or voice-activated controls for turning water on and off, and adjusting temperature

Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for financial assistance options to cover the costs of vehicles and home modifications. Please contact us using the form below to learn more and initiate the financial assistance approval process.

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