What is Dream Extreme?

DREAM EXTREME is a team comprising of professionals committed to enhancing the quality of life for young adults with disabilities. We recognize the challenges that accompany living with a disability, particularly for young people who may feel constrained by their circumstances.

We aim to empower individuals and families by offering them the necessary resources to learn and access adaptive technology effectively. Our goal is to help them surpass limitations and embrace lives of freedom and independence.

What We Provide


Architecture serves as a powerful tool in empowering individuals with disabilities by crafting environments that cater to their unique needs. Through careful consideration and thoughtful design, buildings become not just structures, but welcoming spaces that embrace diversity and inclusivity. By prioritizing accessibility and inclusiveness, architecture fosters a sense of belonging, independence, and dignity for everyone, ensuring that all individuals can navigate and engage with their surroundings with ease and confidence.

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Vehicle Modification

Vehicle modifications for wheelchair-accessible vans, including features like ramps, lowered floors, specialized restraints, power-assisted doors, and transfer seats, ensure safe and convenient transportation for those with mobility challenges. Adaptive driving controls, such as hand controls, steering modifications and joystick steering, enable independent operation, fostering inclusivity and enhancing the overall transportation experience for individuals with disabilities.

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Peter’s Story

Dream Extreme ambassador

After a motorcycle accident at 21 years old in 2006 left Peter Gagliardo a T5/T6 paraplegic, it did not change his passion for life and cars. Pete is notoriously known for not leaving anything as is.

From building computers, to customizing gaming consoles, to adapting cell phones and other custom projects, his ultimate tinkering happened when he first saw Fast & the Furious in theaters as a teenager and became hooked on car culture.

Decades later, Peter is still dedicated to getting maximized performance and creating showpieces with cosmetic mods. Peter uses his car to show others with disabilities that everything is possible with enough hard work, dedication and passion. Peter uses his knowledge and relentless curiosity to educate others with disabilities and encourage them to enrich their lives.

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You can help make a real difference through tax-deductible donations.

Help empower disabled youth in obtaining vehicles and home modifications that enable them to live independently. Every contribution will make a significant impact on their lives by granting them the freedom and autonomy they deserve.

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Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for financial assistance options to cover the costs of vehicles and home modifications. Please contact us using the form below to learn more and initiate the financial assistance approval process.

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